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PH Level And Your Swimming Pool

Why is it! So Important for your Swimming Pool? The Ph level of your swimming pool is one thing you definitely need to keep a close eye on. Each week you should be using a testing kit so you know what the levels are. Ideally you want them to be as close to 7.2 as […]

How to Properly Shock your Swimming Pool

The process of shocking a swimming pool is done in order to remove various debris from it. There are many different products that come from a person’s body when they enter a swimming pool. They include sweat, dead skin, and oils. Of course there is always the chance that someone has peed in the swimming […]

Water Problems with Swimming Pools

Common Water Problems with Swimming Pools that you can Solve Even with careful maintenance there can be unexpected events that take place with the water in your pool. Being able to resolve them on your own is very important. It will save you both time and money. You will also get more enjoyment out of […]

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