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PH Level And Your Swimming Pool

Why is it! So Important for your Swimming Pool? The Ph level of your swimming pool is one thing you definitely need to keep a close eye on. Each week you should be using a testing kit so you know what the levels are. Ideally you want them to be as close to 7.2 as […]

Chlorinate your Pool Properly

Make certain you Chlorinate your Pool Properly   First you must understand how chlorine works in your pool and spa, The totally free readily available chlorine is the quantity that remains in the water to sterilize it. This is the test result that will be of the most significance to you. The combined chlorine is […]

Products for Swimming Pool Care

The Right Products to Care for your Swimming Pool It is very important that you use the right products to take care of your home swimming pool. That way you can be sure it will operate as intended. You can also look forward to spending your free time swimming in it often. While the products […]

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